fast and easy web development

What is rocket?

Rocket is a framework used for fast and flexible web development. With few lines of code it can be used as an API, a server side rendered or single page application.


  • PHP 5.4+ (PHP 7 Recommended)
  • Composer for package management and autoloading
  • Vue.js for Single Page App
  • redis (optional but strongly recommended - used for caching)
  • GeoIP Extension (optional)

Motivations behind rocket

Rocket's primary motivation is fast development with simple infrastructures. Web development workflow is becoming increasingly demanding as the complexity of the environments grows. Thankfully, there are many tools that can make your life as a web developer easier and perhaps, more rewarding. The problem is that nowadays we need a lot of them and that's where rocket comes in. Read a bit more about rocket motivations, history, features and architecture here.

Getting started

Let's play a quick and easy example so you can understand the simplicity of Rocket.

Hello World

Create a file named home.phtml under /app/views folder:
  Hello World!
Create a file named Index.php under /app/controllers folder:
class IndexController extends Controller {
  public function index() {
Open your browser under http://localhost/ and you should see the output above.

Rocket's routing 101


Under the hood


API and Single Page App